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Mixed messages
Question from Confused Catholic on 03-05-2014:

Growing up, most acts seemed to be a sin! Today, our Catholic leaders rarely talk about REAL issues such as Gay Relationships, Abortions, single parents, and more. It's as if they want us to understand without offending anyone. Gay issues: We should stand firm and make it known that no Catholic accepts this lifestyle. I KNOW Gays within who think the church is just fine with it...Abortion: When Kerry and Bush were running, my own priest said it didn't matter who you voted for, since both are killing. Where was our church telling us exactly how we are to feel as Catholics? They made us read between the lines, so they didn't offend, once again. We then have this single parent stuff that nobody wants to touch...I thought it was a sin to live together or have sexual relations outside of marriage? Why aren't our leaders talking about the importance of unity, as a family, as in husband and wife? They are afraid to offend, as usual. What does this mean all mean?Is it all opened to interpretation? Is sin no longer, sin, as we once saw it? Our leaders have become sheep, and wonder why so many devout Catholics are scratching their heads wondering what they are to believe in. Another example is the sinning of JFK who cheated countless times on his wife and family...Do we talk about that? NO..we only talk about what a great man he was, (after all, he was Catholic!) We have completely minimized REAL sin and our leaders are to blame. What's the point in being Catholic if our guidelines are no longer moral and decent? Will anyone actually address this or is it "too sensitive" to deal with?

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-06-2014:

Dear Confused Catholic

You have in this one email encapsulated the entire problem with the Catholic hierarchy and so many priests today in this age of modernism and tolerance.

Sin is still sin, but will you hear it in the pulpit? No, not in many Churches ... too many to be exact ... and the reason is a desire to placate, not save souls.

It breaks my heart to say this to you, but I also have to say this: As Pope John Paul II reminded us so many times during his life, "DO NOT ABANDON YOURSELF TO DESPAIR, WE ARE AN EASTER PEOPLE and ALLELUIA IS OUR SONG!"

Spend time with the Eucharist in adoration, share your heart with Christ and ask Him for the strength to keep pressing for truth instead of pabulum in the pulpit. The road is not easy but following Christ in these dark days has its blessings ... eternally.

Judie Brown