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Protecting teen, respecting parents.
Question from kathleen on 02-22-2014:

I have a fifteen-year-old sister, who is several years younger than I. Recently, she attended a faith formation class where they discussed STDs and other related topics. She came home asking our mother about sex. My mother, however, refuses to discuss this topic with her. I am not opposed to keeping young teenagers safe, but this seems rather ridiculous to me- sex is a normal topic that should be able to be openly discussed between the parent and the child. As it is, the mother refuses to let me talk to her about it, saying that one need only know about sex "when preparing for marriage," since the knowledge of need not be applied in any other situation. What can I do?I love my sister, but do not want to disrespect my mother, who is being unreasonable.

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-26-2014:


I think the best answer may lie in sitting down with your mother and your sister and proceeding to invite them along with you to pray for wisdom so that perhaps through that experience your mother might understand that out of love for your sister she is obliged, if she truly loves God, to teach the lessons of life and love to your sister.

Judie Brown