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common core in catholic schools
Question from Anonymous on 02-21-2014:

Dear Judie,

Common Core is a complex topic, and most mainstream media barely touch it. I feel it is a poisonous and very secular set of standards, and it has also infected many Catholic schools throughout the nation.

My child attends Catholic school in the NY Archdiocese. Many schools here have been closed, hers amoung them last year. We now commute 100 miles round trip by car to get to her new 'accessible' Catholic school. They are following Common Core, and parents and teachers are not allowed to speak ill of it. It is funded by the Bill Gates foundation - the very Foundation that is in lock step with Planned Parenthood, and population control, among other things.

Core curriculum has many anti-Catholic components to it, some of the suggested ELA reading selections are downright pornographic, and even in first grade there are suggested books that advocate for same sex marriage, and other topics that are anti-Catholic doctrine.

I do not want my child's education aligned to this, and I am paying tuition for a classical Catholic education, but she is not getting it. Our school superintendents and Cardinal Dolan himself state : Common Core is rigorous and prepares students for college and career.This is a lie - CC was NEVER tested anywhere. I taught in this same Archdiocese for 10 years, I was educated in it, and now I see tremendous changes in my child's education. What are your thoughts on this? What do you suggest we parents do to get Core out of Catholic schools - we are ignored or spoken to harshly if we push-back on this.

Thank you for your response, you are a voice of reason and common sense.

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-26-2014:


I asked two experts to comment on your question and these are their responses:

Patrick Reilly of the Cardinal Newman Society recommends visiting their website devoted to the problems with Common Core: CatholicIsOurCore.org.

Home School expert Catherine Daub wrote:

She commutes 100 miles round trip? If she has the time to do that every day she may want to look into homeschooling. Would save her time and money. Nothing sends a message louder than pulling your child and tuition money from a school.

Finally, Anthony Esolen has written about the problems with Common Core. For example see


and several articles at http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/author/anthony-esolen/

Judie Brown