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Natural abortion
Question from Peter on 02-21-2014:

I understand that most fertilized eggs are naturally aborted without the couple knowing or there being any move by the Church to prevent this. This weakens our position on life beginning at conception in the public debate. Do you have any suggestions or comments?

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-26-2014:

Dear Peter

Your question is fraught with error. First of all, how could the Church do anything about the actions of nature to end those unions of sperm and egg that are destined to be fatal? This is a natural action of the human body.

Second, if you are talking about miscarriage, each of those children die due to an inability to continue to thrive in their mother's body. This is a sad event but an act, again, of nature. A miscarriage is not an intended killing of a pre born child; abortion is an evil act intended to result in the death of the child.

Judie Brown