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Born out of wedlock
Question from Ruth on 02-20-2014:

On the Born out of wedlock. you still avoided the answer. The fathers need to go to confession too. It is so hard for experts to put any blame on the fathers. They are to blame, because they are aggressive. They take advantage of weak girls.

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-21-2014:

Dear Ruth

I am not sure why you would think that fathers are being left "of the hook"by their exploits into fornication which is a sin for both of the participants.

Perhaps you did not read the original question, but it concerned ONLY the expectant mother and that is the answer we gave.

Nobody is attempting to ignore the father of the pre born baby ... sin does not know gender discrimination. If an abortion occurs, and both parents favor the killing, both parents are in a state of grave sin. Having said that fornication itself is a sin... a serious offense against God.

Judie Brown