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Question from Father Paul on 02-17-2014:

Hope this helps, its a bit complicated. The general rules are:

If the case is that the child was Baptized and Chrismated in the Orthodox Church the child is Orthodox and not Catholic.

If the parents permit the child to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church then that is possible through the child making a profession of faith after the child turns 7. However, the child would be enrolled in the corresponding Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church and not in the Latin Rite even if the reception occurred in a Latin Rite parish.

As Orthodox she would have already received both Chrismation/Confirmation and First Communion. As she meets the requirements of Catholic canons for the reception of Holy Communion there is no reason, if the parents are not opposed, why she should not be receiving Holy Communion when she attends Mass since she already has be admitted to the Sacrament of the Altar.

If she is received into the Catholic Church by a profession of faith she would then begin receiving Holy Communion immediately without waiting for a "First Communion" ceremony. To delay would actually be a violation of her canonical rights. She could certainly attend the First Communion Mass and (later) the Confirmation liturgy in which her classmates receive these sacraments (and her presence could be recognized) but it should be made clear that she is not a "First" Communicant. Of course, under no circumstances will it be possible for her to receive Confirmation again.

First Penance can be received with her class since this will be, in fact, her first time celebrating this Sacrament.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-17-2014:

Dear Father Paul,

Thank you for your information.

Dr. Geraghty