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Baby Shower for Lesbian Couple who Used IVF
Question from Anonymous on 02-15-2014:

Hello, My place of employment is hosting a baby shower for a lesbian and her "partner" who have conceived a baby using IVF. Normally, I donate a few dollars towards a gift certificate for other co-workers. I am having serious qualms about whether I should give a gift that is celebrating two things I consider to be mortal sins (same-sex "marriage" and IVF). What should I do?

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-16-2014:

Dear Anonymous

The lesbian couple did not conceive the baby. Rather a male sperm had to be used or there would be no pregnancy. And if I were you I would not donate money for the baby shower. I realize it is not the baby's fault that this is happening, but giving the appearance of approval of such a situation is not a good idea.

Judie Brown