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Girl scouts
Question from mkth on 02-11-2014:

First, I want to thank you for answering questions which do not belong in your forum. You must be a very busy woman. God bless you. My question is in regard to Girl Scouts. You have stated your objection to them because of their support for planned parenthood. Our church and, I assume, many other Catholic churches have Scouting orgs. Are they required to send money to the parent Organization, and if so are they culpable?

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-12-2014:


A percentage of the money from Girl Sout cookie sales goes to the national and that is the problem.

But some Catholic troop leaders have addressed this by refusing to sell cookies, which means their income for activities with the girls in their troop is nearly gone. But they do other things, including small fund raisers at churches and other places so that they can continue to pursue activities with the troop without selling cookies.

I respect these troop leaders who have chosen to avoid the cooperation with evil that they would have been involved in by simply saying no to selling the cookies. We need more courageous women who are willing to lead without compromise.

Judie Brown