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Confused, Concerned, and Frustrated
Question from Tom on 02-08-2014:

Hi, Judie:

I am deeply confused, concerned, and frustrated, and I hope that you may offer assistance.I work in health care administration, so I have no medical contact with patients, since my interaction with them is only from a business standpoint. However, whether it be directly or indirectly, financially or operationally, through claims, registration, insurance verification, or contracts, I deal with some patients in a hospital setting pursuing contraception, vasectomies, and in vitro fertilization, including some couples who are involved in same sex relationships. I do not negotiate nor set contracts nor policies, but I must follow and execute them. What is my culpability? Sadly, it is extremely difficult, even from a strictly business standpoint, to work in health care administration today without directly or indirectly encountering these gravely intrinsic evils.

I would really appreciate your insight.

Thank you.

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-10-2014:

Dear Tom

I shared your question with Father William Kuchinsky and this is his response:

God bless Tom: for his wrestling with this question shows his conscience is alive and well formed!

In a society that has enshrined child sacrifice, and encourages acts which destroy the relationship of man and woman in the most vital unit of society (the family); the evil is so great that is taints more and more aspects of our lives.

I would refer Tom to the articles linked at the end of this reply .

In short, it would appear he is not morally culpable as his cooperation in the sins he lists is remote (mediate) material cooperation. The moral risk of scandal, given his position and right thinking on this matter is minimal.

And certainly, absent other ways Tom might evangelize his workplace, his offering of prayers and sacrifices to the Lord to end these evils might at least keep him from "falling asleep" as regards to the evils we all face.


Father Torraco answering a similar question:

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