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Chrismated as an infant now being raised Roman Catholic
Question from Nonna on 01-28-2014:

Our grandaughter was chrismated as an infant in the Russian Orthodox Church. We are Roman Catholic and are responsible for her religious education and Mass attendance as her parents do not practice their religion(Episcopalian and non practicing Russian Orthodox). The child is in first grade religious education class. What happens next year while the rest of her class is receiving their First Holy Eucharist? Can she participate in the ceremony? We know she needs First Penance. I could go to the parish priest, but I would rather discuss this with you. Thank you very much, Nonna

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-16-2014:

Dear Nonna,

I am only a layman and a philosopher. So check with the Pastor. He will know what he is talking about. Obviously you are interested in the religious education of your grand daughter. Good. But as you know there are many complicated matters involved. He will be able to guide you through them. He knows what he is doing.

Dr. Geraghty