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Pregnancy Center Says Abortion is an Option
Question from Caring Catholic on 01-28-2014:

I have been working with a group for some time now, and each year, we organize donations to a local pregnancy center.

It has recently been brought to my attention that the pregnancy center indicates in its web page that abortion is a "choice" and an "option". The way it is phrased is as a link which states "What are my options?" The first "option" presented is abortion.

Is this line of thinking within the guidelines of the Catholic Church? If a young woman approached me and asked me "What are my options?", my first answer would certainly not be abortion.

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-01-2014:

Dear Caring

What a horror! No, such mumbo jumbo is not in line with Catholic teaching, doctrine or good practices. A pregnancy means that the expectant MOTHER is with CHILD so to suggest that taking that child's life is an option is evil to the core.

The options an expectant mother has are to be the mother of a living child or a dead child.