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Question from John Spennacchio on 01-24-2014:

my name is john i am 71 i have not had an organ in 2 3 years i think its a medicine i take for nervs leaapro my wife is getting frustrated if i watch porn to get aroused is it wrong thank you

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-16-2014:

Dear John,

I imagine that your wife is not too happy about the porn because she after all is the woman in your life, not some picture, photo, or movie. There are many ways for married people to express their mutual affection. If there is an orgasm--fine. If there isn't--fine. Your body is still hers and her body is still yours. Only married people can make that wonderful claim. Talk it over with your wife. Getting old is no picnic.

Dr. Geraghty