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Question from Anonymous on 01-14-2014:

Presently an extraordinary minister of holy Communion (since 2008). My serving is very spiritual and humbling to me. I love to arrive early (at least 20-25 minutes before the Mass) and center myself in God's Presence. When reaching for the precious blood, I always say "Thank you, Lord, for allowing me into your presence" or "Lord, I am not worthy to hold your precious blood, but I adore." Lately there is another EMHC who loves to chat and talk incessantly. Last Sunday after serving I really missed the time in solitude with the Lord. It seems a regular pattern now and I miss time alone with the Lord. How can I handle or correct this? It's been bothering me for a while.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 01-14-2014:


If the person is talking to you, you need merely say pleasantly, "Please excuse me, I'm not able to talk with you right now. Let's catch up after Mass." If the person is talking to someone else, and the conversation is not happening during Mass, you'll simply have to offer it up. Jesus himself endured a good deal of "background noise" while he hung upon his cross.

Michelle Arnold
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