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The human soul
Question from Andrew on 01-10-2014:

Pax! I have heard it being said the human soul is female. I have also heard that the soul is the form of the body (stated by Thomas Aquinas). I hope you know more metaphysics than I. What gender is the soul?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 02-16-2014:

Dear Andrew,

Neither God nor the angels have any gender because they are pure spirits. Now the human soul is a spirit which is the form of a body. People are either men or women by nature. Since the soul is the form of a body and all souls will be reunited with their bodies on Judgment Day, these bodies will be either men or woman. The human soul has the power to inform prime matter, the result being a man and a woman. Despite what some say today, you cannot be half man and half woman. You are either one or the other. Of course you can deform the body by making additions or subtractions. But that just a modern example of people rejecting who they are in favor of what they want to be. If there is no God, why cannot the individual be his or her own god and fashion themselves according to their own images?

Dr. Geraghty