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Mormon proxy baptisms
Question from L.R. on 01-05-2014:

I understand church records are no longer accessible to LDS genealogy databases to avoid "proxy" baptisms of the dead.

A concern: What is to stop a Mormon from attending a Catholic Mass and getting names (as in "This Mass is for the reposition of the soul of So-and-So," or "This Mass is for the 10th anniversary of So-and-So") or getting the names from a church bulletin?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 01-05-2014:


Nothing is to stop Mormons from gaining names in such a fashion. Ushers are not going to interrogate people entering the church to find out if they are Mormon, and then bouncing the Mormons from the door. If Mormons want to go to that much trouble to get names of Catholic dead, I say let them. Maybe the actual graces they might receive from attending Catholic Masses will eventually bring them to conversion.

Michelle Arnold
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