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Use of foul language
Question from Martha on 12-30-2013:

Although we raised our kids faithfully Catholic, our eldest child, an avid movie watcher, has started to watch many movies (while away at college) that include a lot of foul language. Our son has begun to use such language, when around his college chums. He claims it is fine to speak like that and that there is no connection between his use of foul language and a widening divide between him & God. Our concern is that he cannot be in a prayerful habit, growing in Christ, if he uses such language. Can you back us up with scripture or some evidence from church teaching?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 01-17-2014:

Dear Martha,

Your common sense has already answered the question. Our culture is getting grosser and grosser by the week. Matters of religion, decency, respect, honor and manners are being increasingly mocked. You don't need any extra authority from the Bible and the Church to know that foul language is wrong. You are parents. Take a stand when is comes to could language in your presence.

Dr. Geraghty