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Marriages during Lent
Question from Bill on 12-27-2013:

A brother-in-law is getting married during Lent. The rehearsal dinner is on a Friday. We are supposed to provide the meal. Is it respectful to ask if meat can be served to Catholics during this meal from someone who could dispense this requirement? We are okay with serving meat to non-Catholics and serving Catholics something else.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 01-02-2014:


It is not your responsibility to prevent Catholics from eating meat on a Lenten Friday. Provide what seems appropriate, and allow people to figure out for themselves what they will and won't eat. If I were arranging the menu, I would offer one meat entrée and one vegetarian entrée, and let guests decide for themselves which one they wanted. I would not pre-select the entrée for guests based on religious affiliation. That said, if you do feel an obligation to prevent the Catholics from breaking the Lenten obligation to abstain from meat, then I recommend that you provide everyone a choice between a fish or a vegetarian entrée.

Michelle Arnold
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