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Pope knows good Marxists
Question from Donald on 12-18-2013:

I for one do not understand the Pope's recent statement that he is not a Marxist but knows some good Marxists. As I read the communist manifesto, as written by Carl Marx, the violent overthrow of the capitalist state is inevitable. With this being one of the core beliefs of the true Marxist, how can Pope Francis so openly embrace this evil?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 12-18-2013:


It is curious that someone who claims to knows Marxism well enough to condemn Pope Francis for acknowledging that he knows good people who are Marxists is so unfamiliar with the work that he does not refer to the document by a title (The Communist Manifesto, not "the communist manifesto," which suggests more than one) and does not spell the author's name correctly (it is "Karl Marx," not "Carl Marx"). Before condemning the Pope for his personal charity to people (as distinguished from approval for a particular philosophy that he specifically rejected), perhaps you ought to be more careful to first do necessary homework.

Michelle Arnold
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