EWTN Catholic Q&A
Cardinal Burke
Question from R. Pinion on 12-18-2013:

Very worried about Pope Francis' actions concerning Cardinal Burke. Also, noticing EWTN isn't saying too much about this while "progressive" Catholic sites are overjoyed, and can't wait for a new generation of Francis bishops to replace JPII and BXVI bishops.

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-20-2013:

Dear R P

Pope Francis did not take any action against the Cardinal. My sense is that Cardinal Burke is serving the Church in his juridical position and is busy and the Pope appointed someone who had more time on his hands.

Personally I would not have chosen Wuerl, but I do not pretend to be able to read the Pope's mind. Trust not in human beings; trust God and pray for priests and the Holy Father who is a priest.

Judie Brown