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JFK Publicity
Question from Kathy O on 12-11-2013:

Hello. I am confused as to why JFK is on the front page of the Catholic Exponent, November 22, 2013. Yes, I understand it's the Anniversary of his death, and I understand he was Catholic, but he was a self proclaimed sex and drug addict, not to mention a terrible husband and family man. What a poor example to follow! Although he sadly died a tragic death, why are Catholics holding him high when we now know his past, and why would a Catholic newspaper pretend it doesn't matter? Thank you.


Answer by Judie Brown on 12-12-2013:

Dear Kathy

The Catholic publication of which you speak is typical in that there is no admission regarding the evil JFK promoted and lived because it would not be socially acceptable to tell the truth about the man.

As sad as this is, it is the truth of the matter.

Judie Brown