EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from Al Giambrone on 12-07-2013:

The bishops have made it clear there is a moral problem when Catholic institutions purchase insurance that covers illicit procedures such as contraception and sterilization. But I've heard nothing from them or from the pulpit about the morality of individuals purchasing insurance that covers these services. Is there a moral difference between these two situations? Specifically, do you know if Medicare does (or will) cover these things and, if so, am I cooperating with evil if I purchase Medicare Part B or D coverage?

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-12-2013:

Dear Al

The federal government's many programs including Medicare and Medicaid are involved in abortion and contraception services at every level. The government has been one of the chief proponents of these anti-life programs for many years.

Your own use of Medicare Part B or D, however, is not in any way evil. You and I are not responsible for the deadly actions of the government; if we were and if we chose to take seriously rejecting any involvement with tainted government programs, we would not even be able to spend American money because it too is used to promote many sinful projects and activities.

In other words our government is corrupt to the core.

Judie Brown