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Response to Deceased Children
Question from Charles on 12-06-2013:

I originally had this answered by Judie on 11-18-2012. And yes every person counts to God. Judie, I would like to share a personal experience I had in December 2010. In a dream I was greeted by my wife's mother. She had died from breast cancer in December 1985, 9 months before me and my wife were to be married, and my wife at the time was 22. In the dream she greeted me with a great joy. Standing with her was two girls, both girls were wearing dresses. The one girl, while looking at her reminded me of my wife when she was a teenager, when we first met, and the letter S was on her dress. The other girl when looking at her reminded me of my wife's cousin when she was a teenager, and the letters KC were on her dress. I woke up from this dream thinking to myself why did the two girls look like my wife, and her cousin, when they were young. I thought to myself, that, my wife and her cousin were not dead, so who were the two girls. Then I began to feel that the one girl with S on her dress stood for Sharon, the name of my wife's mother. The other girl I felt, that the K stood for Karen, my wife's mother's identical twin sister, who also died of breast cancer in September 2001. But I was not sure what the C stood for. I spoke with my wife about the dream, and asked her if her mother or her aunt had ever had a miscarriage. My wife told me that her mother had a miscarriage before she was born. She also told me that her aunt had a girl still born, and that her aunt and uncle had a burial for her. I spoke with my wife's uncle and told him about the dream I had. I told him that, the girl with S on her dress I thought was Sharon's daughter, and that, the girl with K on her dress was his daughter; but I did not know what the C stood for that was also on her dress. Well, he told me they had given her the name Carolyn, and needless to say I was amazed when he told me this. Before this dream happened, I didn't even know, that my wife's mother, or aunt, even had these children. But the best part was my wife and her cousin, who never had sisters, finding out they do. God Bless Mother Angelica, and EWTN...

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-07-2013:


Thank you for this incredible witness. God bless you!