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RE: CFCA Unbound
Question from Jeff Banas on 12-06-2013:

Dear Judie, CFCA did indeed notify participants that they are changing their name to Unbound. They claim that everything else about their mission will remain unchanged. I had just made the switch to CFCA from ChildFund International (formerly Christian Children's Fund) precisely because they dropped 'Christian' from their name. Now CFCA is doing the same thing. The reason given for the name change is to allow their work to expand, but why it requires a name change in order to do so is not revealed. I don't know if I'm being too sensitive but I am greatly bothered by these organizations dropping 'Christian' from their name. My inclination is to continue to support the individuals I sponsor but thereafter to change my financial support to an organization that doesn't feel the need to hide a Christian affiliation. However, if you or anyone else can shed more light on these changes, or has reasons to withdraw support on a more immediate basis, I would be interested in such information.

Thank you!

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-07-2013:

Dear Jeff

Thank you for this helpful insight.