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Question from Veronica on 11-25-2013:

Hello I would like to know if the church allows vasectomies and if a married man does get a vasectomy & knows that it's not allowed by the church can he still receive Holy Communion or would he have to get a reversal? Would a vasectomy ruin a marriage? Please help me I have several family members who would like to have a Vasectomy done.

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-06-2013:


Vasectomy is against the teachings of the Church and therefore if a vasectomy is acquired, the individual may not receive Holy Communion until he confesses the sin and takes whatever action is prudent to reverse the vasectomy.

Bring chosen sterility into a marriage is never a good thing for the wellbeing and growth of the marriage. It is against God's laws regarding the unitive and procreative aspects of marriage.

Judie Brown