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assisted suicide
Question from blanch on 11-21-2013:

Judie, I know of a 93 yr old person who has recently suffered a stroke and has gone through rehab and has progressively gotten worse. Now she is in the hospital and has now asked to just die, She has counseled with 4 different catholic priests who have told her its ok to go on hospice and stop feedings, Hydration and other meds. The family was also told by the priests to respect her wishes. This women and her family are close friends of mine. I am very upset and am wondering how this can be. All of us are believing practicing Catholics. Is there anything besides pray that I should be doing? I know this is wrong. Please pray for her.

Answer by Judie Brown on 12-06-2013:


You are so right to be as concerned as you are. The woman is asking for permission to die and as we know, God is the giver and the taker of life. Therefore, choosing to starve one's self to death cannot be defended as the right thing to do.

Judie Brown