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Bilateral tubal ligation
Question from ONA on 11-17-2013:

Dear madam. I am a catholic and a doctor and a mother. I am in my third pregnancy in my third year of marriage. My previous two deliveries were through cesarean sections so Automatically this third one should be by c section accompanied By a bilateral tubal ligation as future pregnancies may be dangerous. Pls advice. God bless you.

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-19-2013:

Dear Ona

I submitted your question to ob/gyn Anthony Dardano, MD and here is his response:

While I certainly agree this delivery should be via cesarean section, I strongly disagree that future pregnancies are dangerous. Over the years I have performed multiple repeat cesareans on the same patient without any problem at all. Modern surgical techniques with absorbable suture material really place no limit on the number of pregnancies a uterus can support. The danger comes with possible rupture with the force of labor contractions and that is why I stated that repeat cesarean section is the indicated delivery route.

Tubal ligation is never morally permissible for the direct intention of preventing pregnancy. This is a moral principle which cannot be violated. Pray to Our Lady to guide you in making this important moral decision.

May God bless you.

Anthony N Dardano, MD, FACS, FACOG