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re:Ken Hacket
Question from kay on 10-28-2013:

Dear Ms Brown:

You indicated that it is the corruption of the bishops that allowed Ken Hacket to be accepted in Rome.

Couldn't the current Pope have refused to accept him as ambassador, as well as past popes refused to allow him to sit on the Pontifical Council Cor Unam, if Mr. Hacket's actions have been grossly incompatible with Catholic doctrine? Doesn't this suggest that the popes have been corrupt?

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-04-2013:


First of all, the Pope probably has no idea how corrupt the CRS became under Mr. Hackett's supervision. He was there for 40 years and made a lifetime occupation out of deception. The bigger question is why did the Bishops on the CRS Board not instruct Obama that Hackett was unfit for the task and prohibit him from accepting the post?