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Daily Communion at home
Question from Anonymous on 10-26-2013:

I had been a daily Mass attendee for many years. I have chronic health problems and now often cannot attend daily Mass for weeks or months on end. I usually make it out to Sunday Mass, though, and am taken out to dinner afterwards. This event is pretty much my only outing in most weeks. A family member who is an extraordinary minister of holy Communion is allowed to bring Communion home to me during the week.

When I am beginning to recover from an illness and am "testing" my strength by trying to go out for a little while -- maybe to the market or somewhere like that -- is it still okay to have Communion brought home from the evening Mass that day, or should I feel that if I was well enough to go out somewhere else, I should have been at Mass if I wanted to receive Communion? Also, for a very special occasion, like a birthday, I may make an effort to go out to dinner with family. If I "push" for that occasionally, should I feel that I should be still allowed to have the privilege of receiving Communion at home on most days?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 10-31-2013:


Yes, you can receive Communion at home under such conditions. But it would be a good thing to examine your conscience occasionally to determine whether you are treating Mass as less important than chores such as grocery shopping or less "special" than occasions such as a birthday dinner. Rather than always "push" yourself to go out to the market or to a restaurant, perhaps occasionally you might "push" yourself to go to a daily Mass (and then have groceries delivered or have family gather at your home for dinner).

Michelle Arnold
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