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Scripture and inspiration
Question from Curious George on 10-18-2013:

Is it still the teaching of the Catholic Church that all scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit, or did Vatican II change that teaching to only portions of scripture that are necessary for salvation are inspired?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-20-2013:

Dear George,

Vatican II still teaches what the Church has always taught; namely, that all of Scripture has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. This teaching, however, does not mean that the Scriptures can be used as a text book in the sciences of geology, astronomy, physics and the rest. For information on these matters everybody has to consult the scientists. What the Church teaches is that God created the world from nothing, that Adam and Eve are the pair from which the human race has descended, and that death entered the world of the human through sin. This is the Holy Spirit speaking.

Dr. Geraghty