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Principles on technology
Question from anonymous on 10-08-2013:

what are the different principles and moral issues regarding technology and gadgets? please based it on the teachings of the Catholic church..thank you so much

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-02-2013:

Dear Anon,

The Church's teachings on technology are based on reason and on faith. For example are the norms governing the sexual activity of married people. The act must be done naturally. Thus artificial contraception or in vitro fertilization are ruled out. The sexual act is a personal act expressing the love of husband and wife for each other, the result being a baby, flesh of their flesh and bone of their bone. Their act must be open to life. It may be that the couple are sterile. It may be that the act is done when the woman is not in her fertile period. The act is still a personal act of love. This is the reasoning of ordinary life speaking. By faith the act is compared to the love of Christ the Bridegroom for the Church his Bride. Technology has its place. But that place is to help human acts to be more loving and personal.

Dr. Geraghty