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Re: Adultery
Question from Paul on 10-01-2013:

Hello Judy,

A problem I see in our legal system is that although many states have just laws to protect the family and spouses against adultery and the Church sees them as just(?), why do we not have them enforced and the adulterer(s) prosecuted?

What should a spouse do if his wife or husband commits adultery and is not repentative?


Answer by Judie Brown on 10-03-2013:


Even though adultery is against the law in many states, the fact is that it is never revealed except when a divorce case is being argued or when the act of incest is committed. When it comes up in divorce cases, there is no jail time served for the adulterer and sadly, many who commit incest go unpunished and even unreported.

Why is this so? Because we live in a sexually saturated society where people are comfortable with sexual sins of every kind and even try, as in the case of the practicing homosexual, to get the act protected by the law.

Judie Brown