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Re: Maybe Tough Questions
Question from Paul on 09-29-2013:

I need clarification and guidance on the following questions:

Concerning Nuclear weapons and any Catholic serviceman:

It is unjust to use nuclear weapons (the CCC is clear). How does a US serviceman or any Cathoic serviceman/woman react if a superior officer orders them to help create or load or move these weapons, short of firing them?

2) Concerning the HHS Mandate: Although the BO Adminiatration may want to impose that all Catholic or other eligious institutions be forced to supply their empoyees with coverage that permits abortion and birth control, does not the employeee still have the option to refuse to use that specific type of coverage? I have heard the argument it is sort of like going into a Hooter's restuarant. In that, one can choose to look lustfully at a woman or just buy a meal there. The choice is still there to refuse. AND this appears to be what the Church in America has become. We have all sorts of people coming in and doing what they want but ignoring the teachings of the Church. It seems to me thta in the end we will all be judged by what we chose to adhere to, since no discipline is occurring.

3) In justice one would obviously agree that a rapist serve prison time; howevr, it seems to me that an abortionist, even though repentant gets glorified? I have a problem with Saints thta have repented and lived a terrible life then become Priest's. Why not repair the damage they have done by raising the illegitimate kids (St. Augustine) they have brought into the world or make severe penances for atonement. It seems to me that the adulteres that were homewrkeckers and fornioctoirs now repentant have destoyed the lives of others with no realization of what they have done to others?

Answer by Judie Brown on 09-29-2013:

As a lay person without a degree in moral theology, I will attempt to respond to the scenarios you have described:

#1: the situation regarding a possible use of nuclear weapons has to be examined in light of the situation. The reason I say this is the world we live in today does not comply in many ways to the theory of a just war, in fact it is downright scary. So I would ask you to pose this question to the moral theology forum.

#2: You are absolutely correct. As Catholics, and in my case as a responsible Catholic employer, I have the right not only to refuse to abide by OBAMACARE rules but seek alternative plans. In the case of American Life League, we are grandfathered in because we banned coverage for contraception and abortion when we were founded.

#3: This is beyond me, Paul. You and I both know that sinners can always be forgiven and that it is not our job to judge individuals but rather to oppose the act of sin. So when an abortionist repents, who are we to question it.

God bless!