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Getting pregnant again
Question from Anon on 09-24-2013:

Hello Mrs. Brown,

Thank you for all your work with EWTN and the pro life movement. I was wondering if I could ask Dr. Anthony Dardano a question?

I am 46 (47 in a couple more months) and have had 6 children. I would like to have another one although I'm pretty sure it's too late. Is there anything I can do that is in line with Catholic teaching to increase my chances of getting pregnant? Thank you.

Answer by Judie Brown on 09-26-2013:

Dear Anon

Here is a response from our medical advisor, Anthony Dardano, MD

While fertility does decrease as one approaches menopause, pregnancy is still possible. As a general rule, the more regular the periods still are, the more apt you are to get pregnant. Outside of the general recommendations of a healthy diet and exercise there is not much more to offer. One thing that might be helpful is the over the counter ovulation predictor. A morning sample of urine is tested and ovulation is predicted via the test strip. The positive readings will predict ovulation thereby recommending intercourse during the fertile time. As an aside this same test can be used to avoid intercourse during this fertile time thereby resulting in an effective natural family planning method. The use of the product with the intent either to attain pregnancy or to avoid pregnancy, is morally permissible.

Finally pray to Our Lady to keep you in good health and grant you this most noble wish.

My prayers are with you as well. Anthony Dardano, MD, FACS, FACOG