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Communion service
Question from Virginia on 09-22-2013:

Our priest does not say Mass on Fridays as it is his day off. We have a deacon who has a Communion service. As I usually attend Mass daily, I have attended the service because the neighboring parishes are 20 and 30 miles away. Is this okay?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 09-22-2013:


Sure, but I have to say that it is a shame the priest does not "say Mass on ... his day off." The Church urges priests to say Mass daily. Surely he could say Mass for the parish before taking off for his day off. The fact that he doesn't say Mass himself and lets his parishioners make do with a Communion service says something. Pray for him. As St. John Vianney liked to say, there are no bad priests, only priests for whom there has not been enough prayer.

That said, there is nothing wrong with attending a Communion service if that is your only reasonable alternative.

Michelle Arnold
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