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Question from Candice on 09-16-2013:

Is it morally acceptable to wear a bikini? My friend bought me a very nice one and is pressuring me to try it out on our upcoming vacation to the beach. I have never worn one before, and do not even know if I will be comfortable wearing so little clothing in public.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 09-17-2013:


I can't tell you whether or not to wear a bikini; that is a matter for your own prudential judgment. What I can tell you is that a bikini is an inappropriate gift between friends, even from a female friend, and it's all the more inappropriate if the friend is a man. And, in your case, this "friend" is pressuring you to wear something that you are clearly uncomfortable wearing.

I can only recommend that you return the bikini to your "friend" and cancel the vacation. Someone who does not respect the boundaries appropriate to friendship and who pressures you into ignoring your inhibitions is not someone who should be considered safe to go off with to a remote location.

Michelle Arnold
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