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RE: Posture after receiving Communion
Question from Lori on 09-11-2013:

Since what this priest asks is something that is not required liturgically (that people remain standing after receiving Communion), why not respond "Father, kneeling is what I was taught in my religious education and I prefer to make my thanksgiving kneeling"? This seems perfectly respectful to him, since standing seems to be only his preference, just as kneeling is that of the communicant.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 09-12-2013:


Your suggestion has a faint ring of rebuke to the priest, with its implication that the congregant knows better than the priest what is really required. It also opens up the matter to argument. The priest could just as easily respond, "Well, things have changed since you were in religious ed, and I prefer that the congregation offer up their personal preferences during Mass for the good of the community."

My suggestion ("Father, some of us are not able to remain standing after Communion"), especially when no reasons are given that could be argued down, implies a disability. The priest is welcome to think that perhaps there are people in his congregation who are too frail to remain standing for long periods of time during the Mass. (And there probably are such people at every Mass.)

Michelle Arnold
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