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Attendance at non-Catholic marriage
Question from Kevin on 09-02-2013:

My wife and I are practicing Catholics, aged 75 and 77 respectively, and have ten children. One of our granddaughters has announced her marriage next year to a non-Catholic Army officer. The marriage is to be held in a garden setting and be conducted by an Army chaplain, also non-Catholic. There will be a large gathering by all the families and their children.

My wife and I are struggling with the spiritual scandal associated with such an event. We feel the need to demonstrate our firm faith, and at the same time be charitable to all involved. Do we attend?

Answer by Catholic Answers on 09-02-2013:


Is your granddaughter seeking a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic and permission to be married in a non-Catholic ritual? If so, then there is no problem with attending. However, if she is not seeking to make certain that her marriage complies with Catholic marital law, then you need to determine if attending would indicate approval for her decision to flout her obligations as a Catholic.

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