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Feeling misjudged
Question from Jennifer on 08-31-2013:

Lately I have the very painful and uncomfortable feeling of being misjudged and shunned. This has happened at daily Mass and at church gatherings, and by devout Catholics at that. It's not my imagination: Some have refused to talk with me and give me a mean stare if I say hello. It has made me feel terrible and I find it difficult to cope with. It's been ongoing for several months. I don't know what I supposedly did to deserve this treatment. It strikes me as so un-Christian.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 09-02-2013:


I'm sorry, but not knowing what caused the hostility to begin, there is little I can do to help you deal with it. I can only recommend that you make an appointment with the pastor to discuss the situation with him. Perhaps he will be able to help you both figure out what started the problem and how to resolve it. God bless.

Michelle Arnold
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