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Re: Trying to Figure It Out
Question from paul on 08-31-2013:

Hello Judy,

I'll preface my question by first stating that although no rational person desires war nor even the death penalty, since there are just wars(i.e., the war against terrorism, drugs, human trafficking) and although rare, there are cases that deem necessary the death penalty(i.e., a prisoner who continues to kill, while even incarcerated.).

My question: Good Pope Francis I states, concerning the looming war in Syria, to not war, but dialogue. Amen, I agree; however, because one nation (or both) obstinantly refuse, war becomes a reality?

Another quick question: Couldn't Saint Francis or a marine become a great Saint by remaining a knight or being a soldier today?



Answer by Judie Brown on 09-23-2013:

Dear Paul

The existence of the Church's JUST WAR theory, which John Cardinal O'Connor wrote about eloquently, means that if there is a consideration of war, it may not necessarily be a bad idea. The Popes are never called to get involved in the decision making process one nation considers on the way to choosing to go to war or not, but Pope Francis is simply suggesting that war should be avoided at all costs. That is the prudent thing for him to say at this time.

I am positive a soldier could become a saint today, who not?

Judie Brown