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Child's Muslim naming ceremony
Question from M.C. on 08-29-2013:

I have been invited to my grandnephew's naming ceremony. His father, my nephew, converted to Islam in order to marry his Muslim wife. My sisters and mother will attend, and I am curious if I should attend.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 08-30-2013:


If your nephew apostatized from Christianity to Islam, especially for so shallow a reason as to marry, then I cannot recommend attending religious ceremonies in which he continues to flout his responsibilities to the Church. If he was raised as a Catholic, then he had an obligation to marry as a Catholic and to raise children Catholic, and instead he chucked his Catholic faith so as to marry a Muslim and raise children Muslim. He needs to know that there are consequences for that, and if you can convince the rest of your family to join you in boycotting this Muslim naming ceremony, so much the better. (His mother, in particular, has an obligation to demonstrate to her son her continuing disapproval of his apostasy.)

Michelle Arnold
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