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RE: Baby shower for unwed mother
Question from Jenna on 08-28-2013:

I was surprised that Michelle Arnold said that a relative shouldn't go to a baby shower for an unwed mother. Such a lack of support encourages abortion!

Answer by Catholic Answers on 08-28-2013:


You and a number of other readers obviously did not read what I said.

I did not say that "a relative shouldn't go to a baby shower for an unwed mother." I said to someone obviously reluctant to go to a shower for an unwed mother that "you could avail yourself of this tradition [that relatives customarily do not host showers for relatives] if you decide that you would rather not attend a shower for an unwed mother."

I also recommended that the inquirer "say [to the prospective hostess] that of course you want to help out your niece and her child, and so you will bring your gift for the baby when you visit after the baby is born."

Before accusing someone of something as heinous as encouraging abortion, it would be helpful to first try to understand what that person actually said before jumping to uncharitable conclusions and responding rashly.

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