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Officiating at a marriage
Question from Steve on 08-28-2013:

I am a converted Catholic, who also is an ordained Christian minister, with Christian Harvest Church. I was told I cannot do weddings if I am a Catholic. The weddings I have done are not in the Catholic faith, but a non-denominational setting. Please help me with this. I am a very strong Christian and am trying to do God's will. Please help.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 08-28-2013:


If you are a convert to the Catholic faith, then not only can you not preside at non-denominational weddings as "an ordained Christian minister," you can no longer remain ordained in a non-Catholic church. You must resign your post as a non-Catholic minister.

That said, under certain conditions lay Catholics can preside in a civil capacity at a civil wedding, as a legally-recognized representative of the state (e.g., justice of the peace, judge). They simply cannot do so in a religious capacity as a minister for a non-Catholic church.

Michelle Arnold
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