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Question from bonnie on 08-25-2013:

I am wondering God created heaven and earth does that mean when he created all the animals and prehistoric ones they were all gone when he created Adam and Eve. I am confused .

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-16-2013:

Dear Bonnie,

The Bible tells us that before God made Eve from a rib of Adam, Adam named all the animals but was still lonely. That when God created Eve in order to give Adam a companion like himself. To consult the account in Genesis note that most of the world was created before the six day when human beings were created. Thus it is possible that the dinosaurs were already extinct. But scientists decide matters like that. So expect some confusion about details. The main point still hold; namely, that God created Adam and Eve, making them the first parents of the whole human race. The scientists cannot decide that matter, Only God speaking through the Church can. The scientist may give a few hints by studying the lines of DNA. But obviously the Church's teaching is not based on that kind of research.

Dr. Geraghty