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Question from on 08-24-2013:

I recently reunited with a childhood friend. Granted her life was not an easy one; her family was not very supportive of her and as such throughout her life she made a lot of bad choices. She became a member of Wicca and from what she tells me is considered a high witch or of high ranking I guess. I tried to explain to her that the devil is deceiving her. She claims Wicca is nature based but they do worship a god and goddess and are very pagan and carnal; their motto is anything goes as long as it is ok with the divine. Apparently this includes relationships outside of marriage, hedonistic fire dances, white magic a.k.a. Spells etc. She is a childhood friend has very little money her family has disowned her she has a daughter who is 8 years old also being brought up in this religion. She wants to continue our friendship and I just don't know if I am even allowed by Catholic standards to do so. I am deeply troubled over this. I am no one's judge. When we go out I always pay for everything and I do not mind paying but she renounces Christ as true God and that makes me uncomfortable and yet I do not want to abandon her. We are all sinners. Please help me I am very confused.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11-01-2013:

Dear D.T.

It seems that you have to distance yourself from her if she insists on using the occasion of your meeting her to attack the faith. That is her doing. But you can still pray for and remember her before God. That is not abandoning her. Maybe when she turns to God for grace, she will want to meet with you again but on a more friendly basis. Who knows?

Dr. Geraghty