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Same Sex Marriage
Question from Anonymous on 08-20-2013:

Recently, I received an invitation to a Catholic Wedding for a friend. I knew that she had lived with another older woman friend for some years and that she had been divorced and had 4 adult children. I had two distressing emotions. 1. I was very surprised that they were lesbian. and 2. I was surprised that they were being married by a Woman "Roman Catholic Priest". I notified them that I would not be able to attend, but wished them happiness. This woman is active in many professional organization that I am active in and she has been a mentor in helping me. I felt sick. I believe that Catholics must be kind to homosexuals but I don't approve of this. Please help me with this.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-20-2013:

Dear Anon,

You have done well. It was never easy to be a Catholic. But in today's world it is more difficult.

Dr. Geraghty