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Pope Francis and homosexuality
Question from Paul on 08-18-2013:

It is the expressed opinion of Pope Francis that it is not up to him to judge those who are possessed with the inherent evil of homosexuality. Does not Pope Francis hold the "Keys to the Kingdom"???

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-20-2013:

Dear Paul,

Pope Francis teaches, as the Popes have always done, that the homosexual act is intrinsically evil. At the same time has has pity for those who have homosexual or lesbian inclinations. Those with such inclinations suffer a great deal because they find themselves at the edges of society with any inclination to to marry and raise a family in the natural sense. Thus they have to be encouraged to accept the loneliness in their lives due to living on the edges. In their suffering they should not seek a way out by performing homosexual or lesbian acts. To act so is like alcoholics taking a drink to make themselves feel better. Inclinations leading to sin have to be resisted. Thus those afflicted with such inclinations are the special characteristics of an open and warm hearted Church. That is why Cardinal Cook of New York opened a hospice for patients suffering from aids and encouraged Father Harvey to found the project of "Courage" for those afflicted with homosexual or lesbian inclinations and the acts which put them deeper into their loneliness.

Dr. Geraghty