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Good Standing Philosophy
Question from Paul on 08-18-2013:

It is the expressed opinion of Cardinal Dolan of NY that politicians who advocate abortion are in "Good Standing" in the Catholic Church. If this is the case, what prevents other Catholics from advocating the same policy??

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-26-2013:


Here is what the Cardinal's PR man said: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/card.- dolan-would-not-suggest-pro-abort-gov.-cuomo-not-a-catholic-in-good-s

According to spokesman Zwilling, when the cardinal said he has “grave differences” and “talks turkey” with the governor, he was talking about the governor’s position on abortion, and not about whether the governor is a Catholic in good standing or not.

“The Cardinal was very clear throughout…that he and the governor have very different positions on abortion, and he has been forthright with the governor on the matter, in public and in private,” said Zwilling. “But he has not made any statement about the Governor’s faith or standing in the Church.”

By the way, Paul, other Bishops do mouthe the same sort of poppycock! Very sad. Judie Brown