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Question from anonymous on 08-12-2013:

Viewed a program on EWTN (World Over) on Aug. 8, 2013 with interviews conducted by Rayomd Arroyo with the president of Population Research Institute and Joan Rosenhauer of CRS. Their statements were contradictory. I am very confused. Can you please shed some light on who was correct? Thank you.

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-15-2013:

Dear Anonymous

The problems with Catholic Relief Services are enormous and in fact growing. Mr. Mosher has documentation to prove every aspect of what he has been saying as do those of us at American Life League working on this tragic problem.

My advice to you is not to donate to CRS now or in the foreseeable future. See Counterfeit Catholics by yours truly http://www.all.org/article/index/id/MTIzNTY/ and Where There's Smoke by Michael Hichborn: http://www.all.org/article/index/id/MTI0MDg/

Judie Brown