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Question from Anonymous on 08-10-2013:

Where was our Lady's body buried? Is there really any book called the Catholic Bible, If yes why?

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-10-2013:

Dear Anonymous

Please note the explanation given in the Catholic Encyclopedia: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/14774a.htm

More importantly, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/para/966.htm

"Finally the Immaculate Virgin, preserved free from all stain of original sin, when the course of her earthly life was finished, was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory, and exalted by the Lord as Queen over all things, so that she might be the more fully conformed to her Son, the Lord of lords and conqueror of sin and death." The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is a singular participation in her Son's Resurrection and an anticipation of the resurrection of other Christians:

In giving birth you kept your virginity; in your Dormition you did not leave the world, O Mother of God, but were joined to the source of Life. You conceived the living God and, by your prayers, will deliver our souls from death.