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RE: Apparitions
Question from Marion on 08-08-2013:

Mr Gregson, when I saw that catholicplanet "may" be a suggested website for a questioner asking about a message or apparition, I must say I was a little shocked. Several of the "false" on his webpage I find questionable as these specific individuals have Impramaturs, even one from Archbishop Chaput. As a lay Catholic, I stay away from this particular website. My belief is it is a coin toss at best. The laity can be wiser than theologians. When the Holy Spirit is the boss, and we listen to Jesus and His Church, we do all right. Thank you for all you do!

Answer by David Gregson on 08-09-2013:

I referred the questioner to that site for information on Catalina Rivas only. It was not intended to be an endorsement of the whole website.